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Circle H Foundation

About Circle H Foundation

Circle H Foundation (“ the Foundation”) is a globally focused, non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the world by building bridges amongst cultures, countries and institutions. Its mission is to support programs that power humanity through ethical, wholesome and healthy living, for better human relations and a better planet - PEOPLE TO PEOPLE AND PLACE TO PLACE™. The Foundation’s strategic initiatives, global partnerships and integrated programs focus on leading in eight areas (“Pillars”): Education; Energy and Infrastructure; Healthcare & Safety; Earth & Environment; International Relations; Charitable Giving & Zakat; Relief; and Human Rights.

The Foundation works in concert with global charities, projects, NGOs, civic organizations and CH Group affiliated entities that are mission-aligned. The selection of partners, projects, programs and initiatives is undertaken with a keen eye towards reputation, brand and ethics. Every allocation and decision is made to maximize resources and capital and with strong consideration of how it will impact people and the world.


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