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Daily Nutrition Safety Net Program

The Daily Nutrition Safety Net Program (the “Program”) targets sustenance and relief to children ages 3-18 years-old. The Program focuses on ensuring the baseline nutritional needs of those who are malnourished every day, 365-days-per-year, to substantially:

  • Reduce and pre-empt chronic disease, including  stunting, wasting, obesity and hidden hunger;
  • Reduce the economic burden on healthcare systems and society;
  • Increase personal and societal health, wellness, productivity and lifespan; and
  • Sustainably and efficiently impact the most at-risk, developmentally vulnerable, portion of society.

The Program does not replace existing food and meal programs. Rather, distribution of a specifically-tailored Halal and Kosher daily chewable supplement closes the gap between available food sources and required minimum daily nutritional values. 

To our knowledge, there is no comparable solution for holistically meeting the global needs of malnourished children every day, virtually anywhere, anytime, which is delivered and easily stored in bulk without special requirements and efficiently distributable in existing food channels – even to local and remote villages. 

The Foundation has partnered with world-class manufacturing, distribution, logistics and goodwill ambassadors to ensure the successful execution of this Program for as little under 10 cents (US) per day, per child. 

Our Phase 1 Target: Help save up to 5 million children of the estimated 350+ million children suffering globally from malnutrition.  

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