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Energy & Infrastructure

Pillar II

Energy & Infrastructure

In alignment with its global leadership goals, the Foundation is committed to helping develop clean energy solutions and effective, durable and sustainable infrastructure projects that maximize benefits to the local population, with positive (or neutral) ecological impact.

Initiatives include:

  • Increasing sources and trading of carbon offsets and credits;
  • Reducing the carbon footprint in local and global supply chains, transportation and logistics; 
  • Creating and building critical infrastructure and LEED-certified real estate development; 
  • Increasing clean, renewable energy and resources, including wind and solar energy, and clean water; and
  • Engaging with other global leaders and NGOs in achieving industry best practices, standards and initiatives.

The Foundation works closely with G-7 countries and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) to support their global infrastructure initiatives and programs. The G-7 has announced a $600 billion program to create and maintain sustainable infrastructure in underdeveloped and emerging countries. The GCC has also made a $200 billion commitment to assist in a similar capacity. The Foundation will select projects and oversee, through local partners, the implementation of these programs including  access to clean water, renewable energy, agri-business and more.

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