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Peace Education Program

The Peace Education Program (the “Program”) is designed to teach, especially younger generations from societies or countries in conflict, about the common elements that unite and value them, their neighbors and humanity; foster greater common understanding, tolerance, trust and cooperation; build leadership skills in relationship building and conflict resolution; and foster a sustainable peaceful and harmonious dynamic, based on “warm”, positively reinforced personal relationships. 

Program highlights include:

  • Values, to foster relatability;
  • Establishing shared events, practices, learning and activities for relationship building;
  • Developing leadership skills to resolve conflicts, collaborate, and build  durable bonds;
  • Enhancing ways of conducting dialogue and personal interaction among diverse peoples, allowing for appreciation and respect for differences, while seeking and achieving “win-win” solutions; and
  • Positioning materials (course curriculum) and interactions (programs, events and activities), to stem from a neutral, fact-based, approach, which is politics-free and positively reinforces the value of all humanity and individuals.

When societies interact, PEOPLE TO PEOPLE AND PLACE TO PLACE,™ with common purpose and a focus on harmony and cooperation, everybody thrives through togetherness of purpose, motivation, support and benefits, based on trust and reciprocity.

Partnering with world-class subject-matter experts, educators, coaches, leaders, influencers and ambassadors from the social sciences and educational fields, as well as governmental, business and religious institutions throughout the world, the Program leverages best-in-class technology and established systems, processes and protocols. 

The curriculum is structured for delivery via immersive group experiences (such as in 3 to 5-day events, camp programs, etc.) and/or through the application of more permanent and impactful educational modules in school, university, group or other more formal educational settings, including for corporate and government leadership training. Personal interaction with other groups with whom bonds are to be forged becomes essential to developing and instilling lasting friendships and broader results.

With the support of up to $100MM in charitable donations, Circle H Foundation is focused on achieving the following Phase I objectives of the Program:

  • Creating the Program curriculum with our prestigious global partners;
  • Engaging with up to 50,000 participants on both sides of targeted conflict areas; and
  • Working to establish the Program as an essential feature of core curriculum and international relationship building.
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