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Charitable Giving & Zakat Program

The Charitable Giving & Zakat Program (the “Program”) is designed to promote philanthropy and provide support to those in need. The Program focuses on principles of generosity, compassion and social responsibility, encouraging individuals to contribute towards positive societal impact.

The Program’s Objectives involve fostering a culture of giving, both locally and globally, through donations and Zakat contributions, such as by:

  • Providing financial assistance to vulnerable communities and individuals;
  • Supporting initiatives that promote education, healthcare, and sustainable development;
  • Empowering marginalized groups and enhancing quality of life; and
  • Encouraging active participation in charitable activities and community engagement.

Program Highlights include:

  • Facilitating donations and Zakat contributions through a seamless and secure platform;
  • Partnering with reputable organizations and charities to ensure impactful use of funds;
  • Promoting transparency and accountability in all donation processes; and
  • Offering permissible tax and other benefits for charitable giving.

By collaborating with experienced charitable organizations, financial experts and philanthropy advisors, the Program leverages effective management to optimize the distribution of funds. With expertise in Zakat regulations, ethical

investment practices, and strategic philanthropy, the Program endeavors to maximize social returns and create sustainable change.

With the support of generous Zakat contributors, our Program can:

  • Deliver essential services and support to vulnerable communities, including food aid, healthcare services, and education initiatives;
  • Empower individuals and families to break the cycle of poverty and improve their livelihoods;
  • Foster community resilience and social cohesion through collaborative initiatives and capacity-building programs; and
  • Promote ethical and impactful giving practices among individuals, businesses, and institutions.
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