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About Us

Our Vision

Circle H Foundation US (the “Foundation”) is a globally focused non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the world by building bridges amongst cultures, countries and institutions. It supports programs that result in a better, healthier, more sustainable, unified, peaceful and ethical future, for all.

The Foundation serves humanity without prejudice, embracing diversity in religion, language, race or gender. It achieves its goals by bringing together key stakeholders, including world, business and religious leaders, international organizations, influencers, local partners, philanthropists and educators, and investing resources and capital into carefully selected projects and programs.

The Foundation’s Mission to empower humanity is grounded in improving access, opportunity, education and support, in words and deeds.​

Our Mission

To empower humanity by improving human relationships, protecting our planet, and encouraging ethical, wholesome and healthy living.

Our Goals

The Foundation aims to:

  • Bring billions of dollars of aid and support to the most vulnerable people in need;
  • Allocate resources to projects and programs that align with the vision and are consistent with the Foundation’s (“Pillars“); and
  • Create projects and partnerships that yield the greatest impact toward a better world for all.

Our Philosophy

The Foundation works in concert with mission-aligned global charities, NGOs, civic organizations, corporations and CH Group affiliated entities. Our allocations and decisions are made to maximize the impact of the resources and capital utilized and the selection of partners, projects, programs and initiatives is undertaken with a keen eye toward reputation, brand and ethics.

Our Focus Areas

The Foundation strives to empower people to live healthier, more wholesome and ethical lifestyles than ever before by improving access, opportunity, education and support.

Through strategic initiatives, global partnerships and integrated programs, the Foundation has 8 key focus areas of values and initiatives (“Pillars“) to create a better and more harmonious world:

  • Education
  • Energy & Infrastructure 
  • Healthcare & Safety
  • Earth & Environment
  • International Relations
  •  Charitable Giving & Zakat
  • Human Rights
  • Relief 
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